Podcasts are the new love in the world of advertising. They are relatively less costly to produce and easier to distribute than other forms of advertising such as ads and PPC. A Podcast Production Agency helps you broadcast the right Podcast at the right time and can do wonders for a growing company and established companies alike. First, however, one needs to select the right Podcast agency to take full advantage of their money and make the best out of it.

So, we have, with the help of lots of research, made a list of the ten best Podcast agencies in the market right now.

  • Podfly

This company was founded in the year 2013 and is based in Montreal, Canada. It is a versatile audio editing and production agency that has the experience of working with many brands across all related fields such as education, politics and non-profit organisations. It has a unique working style as the company prefers working directly with organisations regarding brand messaging, audience targeting, and podcasting creativity.

  • NoGood

Unlike its name ‘NoGood’, this company is good for building corporate brands and podcast ads. It works with Fortune 500 and various other corporate brands to construct healthy partnerships and podcast ads. Their vast network helps them execute strong campaigns, which leads the brands to reach their ideal audiences. This company, which specialises in Podcast Marketing and Podcast Partnerships, was founded in 2017 and is based in New York, United States of America.

  • Seattle Podcast Company

As the name suggests, this company, founded in 2019, is based in Seattle and specialises in Podcast Marketing, Podcast Production and Content. It is a full-service podcast production and marketing agency committed to helping brands and organisations execute their audio and podcasting content to their targeted audience and allows brands to improve their overall branding strategy through solid storytelling.

  • FieldCast

Based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and founded in 2018, this company specialises in Podcast Content Streaming, Creative Elements and Podcast Hosting. They cater to all your podcast needs and assist you in every step of successful podcast production, right from planning, production, hosting, distribution and reporting.

  • Sweet Fish Media

Sweet Fish Media specialises in producing high-quality podcast content for B2B Brands. This company, located in Orlando and founded in 2015, helps you create and distribute content so that your B2B Company can reach the right consumer.

  • The Podcast Haven

Situated in Burbank in California and founded in 2016, The Podcast Company specialises in the field of Podcast Editing and Production. With over 1500 successful podcasts in their bag, this company understands podcasts are one of the best and most cost-effective ways for audiences to consume content and can be a great choice to promote your brand.

  • Pacific Content

This company can cater to all your podcast needs like brand strategy, audio storytelling and distribution. It was founded in 2014, and this award-winning agency with specialisations in the fields of Branded Podcasts, Podcast Production and Podcast Consulting is located in Vancouver, British Columbia.

  • Freedom Podcasting Company

Freedom Podcasting Company’s top-notch service helps budding artists and entrepreneurs to grow their business through podcasting. The company is located in Reno in Nevada, and was founded in the year 2012.

  • True Native Media

True Native Media works with both advisers and brands to reach their target audience. It is situated in Morro Bay, California and was founded in 2016.

  • Adopter Media

Located in Petaluma, California, founded in 2016, this company provides services such as Podcast Advertising and Sponsorships to produce highly relevant and engaging campaigns.

Mabe Media are positioning itself at the forefront of the market as one of the few select networks that focus on providing a platform for powerful female voices. In addition, we help women build their networks and develop their businesses by creating podcast content.

There are so many aspects to consider when starting a podcast; it makes sense for businesses or individuals to outsource some or all of their podcast production to a team of professionals. Although it may simply be distributing it to the platforms such as Spotify or Apple/Google Podcasts, an agency specializing in Podcast Production for Female Voices makes a significant difference in Women Audio Podcasting Service.

Depending on your specific scenario and available resources, you can work with a full-service agency or a low-cost option to cover the essentials. Whichever option you select, these podcast businesses and organisations will assist you in launching a high-quality commercial podcast.




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