Female Podcast Event's

In 2019 it was estimated that podcast Live Events would bring in 55 Million. More than 10% of the podcast advertising market’s size in 2018($479.1 million in 2018) put this in perspective. Furthermore, the following is also evidence of why you should be doing LIVE events with your podcast:

The potential of live events is much greater than just ticket sales: there is extra revenue to be earned from VIP experiences, pre-show meet and greets, event sponsorship, merchandise sales etc. Also, possible revenue earned from gigs performed at large fairs and music festivals (where total attendees can surpass 100k) or other such events.

One point to consider that puts this statistic in perspective: in 2015, podcast ad revenue was similar ($69 million). Today, that number is closer to $500m and expected to hit $1 billion by 2021. We cant expect the growth of these two industries to grow in the same way, but if the trendline in advertising indicates other trends in the industry, we can continue to see significant growth in live shows. The Covid 19 Pandemic has put a stop to live in-person events this year and has elevated online events. Either way, online or in-person – live events are a great way to build your brand. I do believe we will also see a shift back to in-person events towards the end of 2021. You can keep updated on all Mabe Media events below.

Female Podcast Event's


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